A little lovin

My estranged friend, Paul and I got together again today. After a couple of months, we finally rekindled our friendship! Isn’t that nice? I feel bad that I kinda dropped him for my boyfriend who, eventually, proved to be really mean. Anyway, we hung out before my lit class earlier with my other friends. Yada yada, he texted me after and asked if I wanted to have dinner and him and his other friend. I actually said no but, in the usual Paul fashion, he and Jordan (that’s his friend), kidnapped me and took me to Friuli’s. Funny how I didn’t know that I’ve already been there. It just goes to show how I never pay attention to names which, by the way, is an extremely bad habit that I’m trying to (but failing miserably) to change.

We sat by the window and there was a couple sitting outside. They were fighting. We couldn’t hear the sounds obviously but the guy looked like he was yelling and the girl was crying. Naturally curious, we looked on. Fortunately, they were too wrapped up in their passionate (there’s a reason I used this word) argument that they didn’t notice three strangers were already treating them like musicians on stage during dinner. In the middle of the fight however, they suddenly kissed. I don’t mean smack or anything, I mean make out. It wasn’t long before the guy was holding something(s) on the girl’s chest. Talk about gross.

I feel bad, I felt short of being a pervert but then again, who does that in public? In front of the streets and everything? It was a twisted thing. Oh well.


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