Notes from a Comm senior

Communication thesis = not cool

Let me tell you about my adventures as a senior Communication student in Ateneo de Manila University.

My fellow Communication majors and I were comforted with the knowledge that despite our bad random numbers, we could file for load revision to be with our long-agreed groupmates and get adviser we wanted. Unfortunately, we were disallowed from doing that. 

This was the first year that they decided not to allow us to switch classes. The Communications Department, for the past years, always moved students around under the Loyola Schools Registrar’s radar. Sadly, before the school year began, the registrar caught the department and raised inquiries about the system such as possible complaints from parents and other complications. I won’t bore you with the details. 

I almost cried when I heard that. I’ve been planning and plotting with my partner since sophomore year. Two weeks through class, we finally settled with the matter. Unfortunately, my partner (who sidelines as a radio talk show host) is not available during our thesis consultation because she has to work. Also, for two weeks, our adviser had to be quarantined so we had online discussions instead. It was quite difficult because we weren’t really sure if we were on the same wavelength as our adviser.

At least his back though. I’m the only person in our entire thesis class who’s met our teacher. He asked to me my partner, Je and I personally. Je had work again so I went instead; I later found out that we were the only group who had a face-to-face consultation with him. I don’t really know why but I’m not complaining, Sir Beaver was very helpful. He wanted us to specify our research questions which is one of the most crucial parts of the whole thesis.

HOWEVER, he also asked us to find a more specific theory about virtual job markets. Je and I pored and pored over dusty books in the library, we burned our laptops’ keyboards just looking for a theory. We were climbing all over walls, ripping our hair out when we realized what the whole problem was. How can we look for something that’s not there? We wasted three hours of our lives (that we could have used for much needed rest and sleep) bridging a false problem.  

Seriously though, we couldn’t find anything, after journals and books? Je and I decided that we were going to be pioneers. That is a very good but a very bad thing.


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