RAMBLING Sneeze bomb

I’m opening this page as my random (doodle) blog.


I seriously think I’m allergic to my Philosophy professor. I have a cold and I’ve been sneezing occasionally but when he passed near me, I sneezed five times straight!

Anyway, I was feeling really horrible today. I had a fever last night and I was still slightly warm today so I was feeling particularly irritable. The unpredictable weather was not helping me with my mood, it only contributed to my bad cold. I was tearing up, dropping tissues everywhere, sneezing, and coughing during all of my classes. I swear, I bet if it wasn’t in the handbook, teachers would have thrown me out for breaking everyone’s concentration as they pretend to listen to the teacher while actually doodling.

Anyway, I was feeling terrible (I can’t stress that enough). Excited to get to school (to meet my friends of course! Why would I go otherwise? :)), I stupidly forgot the bring the medicine that my mom set aside for me. I also forgot to bring Kleenex. I couldn’t exactly blow my nose on wet wipes, right? However, I couldn’t visit the infirmary either. Our nurses and physicians are fanatically insane that even if you cough and it reaches they’re radar, they’ll send you off to quarantine right away. 

Let me just remind everybody that the swine flu or ah1n1 type in the Philippines isn’t deadly. It’s a bad kind of flu but it won’t kill you. I’m not going into specifics here because that’s really boring and I’ll just confuse myself. I’m not an expert anyway but I read tha dengue fever is even worse, it’s much deadlier. The swine flu issue is just a hype created by carefully crafter yellow journalism in the Philippines. Newspaper reports also state that paracetamol can cure it already, as long as it’s the basic.

It’s really amazing yet incredibly scary to realize the kind of power the media has in shaping people’s opinions. I choose to be a lawyer instead of a journalist because I’m scared that I’ll be overwhelmed by that kind of abusive power. Imagine, with just 100 words, three minutes of air time, you can cause a mass panic. It’s only the really strong people who can enter media and I’m just not one of them. I’m not disclosing the possibility though, I still imagine myself holding a microphone with a dead body behind me but that’s a very very distand thought.

I’m idealistic. Right now, I have these twisted ideas wherein I believe that since I know the faults of the press, I can change them. It’s so easy to say things but once you’re there, and you need to frame the story towards this angle, it’s a very different matter. It has to be complicated otherwise it wouldn’t be called life.

By the way, n95 masks aren’t protection against swine flu. They’re to prevent one from spreading it.


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